Leif Morton


Designing a Brand Image/Logo/Style Guide, Product Detail Page, Comparison Feature, and Guest Checkout Flow for the hypothetical e-commerce brand, Munari Cycles.
Optimizing the desktop and mobile web experience for VMP, an online record store and Record of the Month Club.
Building a web application from scratch as the founding product designer at Josie, an AI-powered career development platform.
Redesigning key site pages with a focus on boosting engagement for the e-commerce brand, Rotate Watches.
Designing an MVP mobile application to help readers discover books they'll love.
Creating an initial proof-of-concept prototype for the hypothetical mobile app, Gallery Pal, within a one-week sprint.
UX Case Study | 2021

About the project

Munari Cycles was a personal/hypothetical project I took on to sharpen my design and branding skills within the e-commerce space. Over a 2-week period I researched a problem area I was interested in and built a solution in the form of an MVP prototype that I then tested and validated.

At the end of 90 work hours, I had created high-fidelity prototypes of a Product Page, Comparison Feature, and Guest Checkout flow, and tested the designs' effectiveness in solving this imaginary brand's challenges.

The problem

For this project I created a hypothetical bike brand called Munari Cycles and imagined that they were looking for an update to their mobile website that would increase revenue, specially by improving the add-to-cart rate and lowering cart-abandonment.

Research Methods

To understand industry standards for guest checkout and product comparison features, I conducted Competitive Analysis of bike retailers and manufactures (e.g. Trek, Cannondale, Target, Amazon), as well as some popular e-commerce brands that sell consumer goods that are not bicycles/sporting goods (e.g. Casper, Helix Sleep, Away.). I coupled these findings with Industry Blogs and Example Case Studies that highlighted best practices.


I chose to limit my focus for this project to designing the Product Page, Comparison View, and Guest Checkout, since my research convinced me that improvements to these areas would have the greatest impact on the project's KPI goals.

Product Page

To address the brands historically low add-to-cart rate, I designed a product page to highlight the unique features of each bike model and make it easy to find similar models and continue exploring.

I also wanted to ensure that the "add to cart" button would be in-view at all times, alongside a "compare" button that would promote the Comparison View feature (below).

Comparison View

Another way to ensure users were able to make confident decisions in their bike purchases (which should also result in an increase in add-to-cart rate and a decrease in cart abandonment) was to design a Comparison Feature that allowed users to compare two or more models side-by-side.

The small mobile screen size posed a formidable challenge when designing the view, but with some user testing and iteration I was able to come up with a design that effectively addressed the issues I initially ran into.

Guest Checkout

Without a guest checkout option, users would need to sign-up for an account in order to complete their purchase, which would negatively impact cart abandonment rates. To combat this, I designed a mobile guest checkout flow aimed at providing a frictionless checkout experience with a minimum amount of input required from the user.